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PrimaLuna in italian language stands for "First Moon". My grandfather was the first "Herman". My grandmother, an aristocratic lady in a small Dutch village, had a special name for her husband: "Maantje", which means Little Moon (which is now also the name of our small dog), van den Dungen. The people in the village adopted that name, and having a strong accent, they called him soon "Maontje" van den Dungen. My father's first name was Cor, but in the village it was of course "Cor from Maontje van den Dungen" I was of course "Herman from Cor from Maontje van den Dungen"... etc. That's why I thought of First Moon as a brandname and that's why the logo is how it is...

PrimaLuna believe it or not ... I discovered a small town located 50 km north of Milano called Primaluna!!! Please find attached a map. You'll find Primaluna town near the upper-right corner of the map. It's located 50 km north of Milano near the Lake of Como. This should eliminate every doubt regarding „italian” origin of Primaluna name. I've read the „history” section of Primaluna village web site and found the following (literally translated):

One probable interpretation of the name of the village comes from latin „Primum Lumen”, which means „First Light” of Christianizm, since the very first evidence of Christianizm in this region dates 495 Annus Domini. „First Light” translates into „Prima Luce” in Italian and seems very interesting to me: PrimaLuce (FirstLight) is the first light that we, hi-fi lovers with small budgets, can see in this world of darkness populated by way too expensive esoteric gears...

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