Usher Audio - 30 years of experience in loudspeakers' construction

Usher Audio offers hi-end audio equipment: loudspeakers, electronics, stands and racks





Usher - a Taiwanese company, is one of the major producers of high-end audio equipment in the Far East. The company with over thirty years of tradition offers a wide variety of products. Customers can buy either final products (loudspeakers, electronics, accessories), or just transducers. The latter are created for the company's own needs, but also for the outside market and amateur constructors.

The range of loudspeakers offered by Usher is broad: there are six different series of production with several models in each of them. The series are: X, 6, Compass, Dancer and Horn. All loudspeakers share not only a very good sound, but also outstanding workmanship (the materials used in the process of production include timber, leather and natural veneer), as well as exceptionally attractive prices. The Usher loudspeakers are designed by one of the most famous and esteemed personas of the world high-end audio - Dr. D'Appolito.

Loudspeakers offered by Usher are complemented by sophisticated electronics, including a preamplifier, solid state amplifiers (stereo and multi-channel), integrated CD player, Home Theater Processor and loudspeaker stands.


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