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Momentum Preamplifier


The extraordinary stereo and mono amplifiers produced by Dan D’Agostino have finally found their perfect match.


New Audio Research VSi75 Integrated Amplifier


Audio Research keeps on designing new vacuum tube devices. A brand new VSi75 integrated amplifier has just been released on the market. It does not mean that the VSi75 will replace the previous VSi60 construction, which continues to receive excellent reviews from audio magazines around the world.


New Synergistic Research Element Series AC Power Cords


The Synergistic Research currently offers new Element Series AC power cords. The handful of technologies originally used in SR’s prestigious Galileo system cables, including Active Shielded Air Dielectrics, Pure Tungsten signal conductors, and Enigma Tuning Circuits, promising to enhance sound definition, were also incorporated in the new Element Series power cords.


The Absolute Sound Awards 2012


We have already written about Stereophile magazine’s Best Product of the Year Award, which went to ARC Ref 150 power amplifier available at Audiofast authorized dealership. The Absolute Sound magazine (one of the three major and most influential magazines in the entire audio industry) published their editor’s choice list of last year’s best products in their January 2013 release.


Ayre VX-5


Ayre’s new stereo amplifier – VX-5 – was introduced during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

It incorporates a few Ayre’s exclusive technologies such as new Diamond output stage and Equilock circuitry. The new amp features zero-feedback, fully balanced discrete circuitry and reaches power output up to 175W of power per channel at 8Ω (and 350W at 4Ω).


Audio Research Ref CD9 – CD player/DAC


Audio Research continues to move full-speed ahead – the company keeps introducing brand new audio equipment. The new Reference CD9 CD-DAC has just had its debut during the International CES Trade Show in Las Vegas.


Wilson Audio Alexia


Wilson Audio came up with the solution to incorporate aspherical group delay technology – first implemented in Wilson’s top-shelf loudspeakers Alexandria XLF – into their new loudspeakers similar in size to the popular Sasha model.


Ayre AX-5


There is a brand new addition in Ayre’s ‘5 Series’ of audio equipment: AX-5 integrated amplifier with up to 250kHz frequency response and up to 125W of power per channel at 8Ω (250W at 4Ω).


Audio Research Reference 10


Audio Research has introduced its new reference tube preamp – Reference 10.


Devialet firmware 5.7 is now available!


Every Devialet D-Premier integrated amplifier owner can install the newest firmware 5.7 [by downloading it from the company’s website]. The latest upgrade enhances functionality, quality and the ease of use of the system.


ARC Ref150 is a ‘Stereophile’ magazine’s Product of the Year


The end of the year is a time for summaries and ratings. The audiophile world could not wait for the publication of the best audio products rank announced by Stereophile magazine.


Audiofast is a new Polish distributor of DEVIALET products


Audiofast has just become a new Polish distributor of a French company Devialet. DEVIALET located in Paris, was founded in 2007 in order to develop and refine the ADHŸ technology, created [and patented] by Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel and Mathias Moronvalle – educated engineers and passionate music listeners. The result of their efforts devoted to ADHŸ technology is Devialet D-Premier – a poster product of the company.


Reference DAC Digital Media Bridge


Audio Research is a world-renowned specialist in making tube preamps. DACs made by Audio Research are highly recommended by reviewers and music lovers from all over the world.


The Absolute Sound 2010 Editors` Choice Awards

Magico V2, V3, M5, Mini II
Usher S520, Be-20, Be-718, 8571
Vansersteen 2Ce Signature II, 3A Signature, Model 5A
Wilson Audio Duette, Sophia 2, Sasha W/P, MAXX 3, Alexandria X-2 Series 2

Power Ampifilters
Audio Research Reference 210 monoblock , Reference 610T monoblock
NuForce Reference 9 Special Edition (SE) v.2 monoblock
PrimaLuna ProLogue Five, ProLogue Six, DiaLogue Seven

Integrated Amplifilters
PrimaLuna ProLogue One, DiaLogue Two

PrimaLuna ProLogue Three

Audio Research PH7, Reference Phono 2

Disk Players
PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight

Digital Separates
Audio Research DAC7
dCS Puccini, Puccini U-Clock, Scarlatti Transport, Scarlatti Clock, Scarlatti DAC

Turnables and Record Players
Nottingham Analogue Space Dack 294

Graham Engineering Phantom B-44 MkII

Shelter 5000, 7000

Power Cords
Shunyata Research King Cobra CX, Anaconda CX, Python CX

Synergistic Research Alpha, REL-spce Reference Subwoofer Cable, Tesla Series (Accelerator, Precision Reference, Apex )

Speaker Cables
Synergistic Research Tesla Series (Accelerator, Precision Reference, Apex )

Equipment Racks
Symposium Acoustics Isis Equipment Stand

Power Conditioners
Shunyata Research Hydra-8 Reference V2 , Hydra-8 V-Ray Reference V2, Hydra 2
Synergistic Research Power Cell

Shunyata Research Dark Field Cable Elevators
Symposium Acoustic Fat Padz, Rollerblock Jr.
Vibrapod Isolators, Cones

HP`s 2010 Editors` Choice Awards

Pickup Arms
Graham Engineering Phantom B-44 MkII

Multichannel Equipment
EMM Labs Special Edition CDSD multichanel transport, DAC-6SE decoder


The Absolute Sound 2009 Product of the Year Awards

Accessory of the Year: SHUNYATA RESEARCH Dark Field Cable Elevators
Tonearm of the Year: GRAHAM ENGINEERING The Phantom II
Phonostage of the Year: AUDIO RESEARCH Ref Phono 2
Tube Amplifier of the Year: PRIMALUNA Dialogue Seven
Cost-No-Object Loudspeaker of the Year: WILSON AUDIO MAXX 3
Overall Product of the Year: MAGICO M5
AC Power Conditioner of the Year: SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH PowerCell 10

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